Satya Garnet Chandelier Earrings

Item # wsj1190


These Garnet Chandelier Earrings from Satya have an old-world, elegant Venetian feel, and you'll feel like royalty when you wear them. Golden hoops feature beautiful filigree adorned with seven dangling garnet gemstones. Their deep red color and lovely facets are rich and sparkly. Plus, garnet is said to have protective qualities, and to help foster love and friendship. -
  • Lovely filigree
  • Each earring has 7 facted garnets
  • Rich and sparkly
  • Old-world feel
Material - 24 Karat Gold over Brass
Made In - USA

Satya Jewelry Brand Story

Elegant, modern, and designed with a vintage twist, Satya handcrafts some of the most radiant, beautiful jewelry you can find. Their pieces are sure to reflect your adventurous spirit, and inspire your inner goddess. Made with semi-precious stones and sacred symbols, these pieces perfectly balance tradition with evolving style.

Co-founders Satya and Beth envisioned a company that could inspire powerful women to represent themselves with unique, bold pieces that offer an unmatched sense of rugged individuality. The Satya Foundation is a 501 organization that has raised over $1 million for children's groups around the world. These powerful and symbolic pieces enhance your style and give you something to feel good about.

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