No matter where you look, the boundaries of fashion are always being pushed and broken with innovative and inspiring trends. [BlankNYC] does this in all the right ways with their ramped up urban attitude and irreverent edge. Entering the fashion scene in 2007, [BlankNYC] started with a bang when they introduced their signature Studded Skinny Classique Jeans. Since then, the Manhattan brand has been creating clothing that integrates premium quality with aggressive modernity to maximize comfort without losing any of their innovative fashion design.

The materials used by [BlankNYC] such as stretch denim, vegan leather, plush knits and industrial hardware give off tones of simplicity to show the transformation of basic urban materials into runway quality fashion. [BlankNYC] crafts clothing using a minimalistic fashion sense that empowers and encourages people to be comfortable in their own skin. You fill in the blank [ ].