Peter Hofmeister

Seeded Leaves Earrings

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The Seeded Leaves Earrings by Peter Hofmeister make a delicate statement! Intricately handcrafted in New York, the leaves are perfectly set on silver hoops, providing bohemian elegance.
  • Handcrafted in New York City
  • Silver
  • Intricate and stunning
  • Brand new product with tags
Material - Silver
Made In - USA

Product Review: Peter Hofmeister Seeded Leaves Earrings

Peter Hofmeister Brand Story

Think of a piece of your grandmother's vintage jewelry. Add a pinch of high-fashion and a dash of bohemian flare, and voila: Peter Hofmeister! A master of atelier, Peter creates elegant, yet surprisingly bohemian pieces that have a gypsy-chic aesthetic. Peter Hofmeister's jewelry can only be described as having a remarkably adaptable and timelessly classic look that is as versatile as it is unique.

Peter's passion for preserving the art of meticulously hand-crafted jewelry lends to the personalized quality in each and every piece. He aims to enrich the world on different cultures through his innovative designs. Peter now dedicates his time to making distinctive jewelry that showcases his acute attention to detail, which explains why his items are in such high demand.