Amour Vert Hallie Dress

Versatile & Chic

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The Hallie dress from Amour Vert has classic lines reminiscent of a shift from the sixties. This super versatile piece can be worn so many ways all through the year. Whether paired with sandals for warm weather, with sneakers and a light jacket for a rainy day, or a turtleneck, tights, and boots for cooler days, you will always be comfortable and chic.
  • Made in USA
  • Organic cotton
  • Fun zipper detail
Material - 100% Organic Cotton
Made In - USA

Amour Vert Brand Story

Based out of San Francisco, California, Amour Vert represents a sustainable, ethical clothing brand. The company was founded in 2010 by Linda Balti and Christoph Freshee when the two realized that clothing manufacturing was the #2 most polluting industry in the world. They immediately began to make positive changes in their production starting with utilizing non-toxic dyes, wood-based fibers, organic cotton, and recycled polyester to produce a green, conscious collection. All of Amour Vert's garments are manufactured in America, which attaches a moral ethos to the brand.

Amour Vert means "green love" in French, and the brand holds a passionate focus for mother earth. They pledge that with every Amour Vert purchase, they will plant a tree in North America. The company is very goal-oriented, with their mission being "with every stitch a purpose." Amour Vert wants to transform the fashion industry to be more eco-friendly, and their current beliefs and actions are definitely helping to pave the way for a better world.

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