Adidas Terrex Swift DryDye Tee

Lightweight Performance Tee With Evaporative Cooling

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Item # wad180


This lightweight performance tee from Adidas includes activated carbon, which helps sweat evaporate quickly to keep you cool. Featuring classic Adidas stripes along the shoulders that are also reflective and even better? It is made with innovative DryDye technology, which uses no water in the dyeing process saving a whopping 25 liters per t-shirt. It also has UPF 25 for sun protection. This is your go-to piece for a run or hike.
  • Evaporative cooling
  • DryDye
  • UPF 25
  • Athletic fit
  • Anti-microbial activated carbon
Material - 100% Polyester
Made In - Indonesia

Adidas Women Brand Story

Adidas says: 'We strive to help you perform at your best. Your success is our ambition. Your defeat spurs us on to be better'.

Known for its high-performance active wear with sleek styling and its signature 3 stripes, Adidas looks as good on the street as it does in the gym, the court, or the field. As a German-based, global brand known for cutting edge athletic innovation, most wouldn't expect a massive company like Adidas to give much thought to environmental sustainability in their products and practices. However, that assumption couldn't be more wrong. As of January 2015, Adidas is the third most sustainable company in the world according to the Global 100 Index. They are pioneers in the use of eco-friendly fabrics, including organic cotton and recycled polyester. They have embraced new, eco-friendly technologies save resources on their production, such as dry-dye, a technique which eliminates water usage during the dyeing process, saving a whopping 25 liters per t-shirt. And, all the shoes we carry from Adidas are vegan, from the fabrics to the glues.

With all that, the fact is that Adidas makes incredible clothes and shoes that perform well and happen to look great too. We love their authentic styling, their pursuit of excellence, and that their clothes support active lifestyles, both in the wild outdoors as well as in the city.

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