There is nothing sustainable about something disposable. Verve understands and captures the essence of sustainability with their products. Verve knows that people don't just want to wear something that looks good; they want to wear something that has meaning and says who they are. No frivolous excess, no extravagant extras, just durable, comfortable clothing that aids in doing the things you love most. Unlike many brands, Verve tells you exactly what their clothes are for, how they are made, what they are made with and even who made them.

Durability is what Verve strives for, every article of clothing is made to last, no matter what you put it through. That is what sustainability is all about, no excess or waste, just simplicity, simplicity in what you consume in order to produce. Verve is proof that you can accomplish a lot with very little. Made with lasting, high-quality materials, Verve products will work just as hard as you will. Don't wear clothes that just make you look great; wear clothes that make you do great things.