Catherine Rising

Wood Creek Palo Santo Bundle

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This Palo Santo incense bundle from Catherine Rising is an inspired combination on Palo Santo, safflower, larkspur, golden conebrush, and natural agate, all wrapped in vintage tie dye ribbon. Unwrap this bundle to reveal and a petite treasure chest of nature's bounty. Agate is said to stabilizing and balancing, so you can toss in in your pocket or bag and carry with you or hold in your hand during meditation when you feel you need extra grounding. Mystical Palo Santo wood can be burned to help clear energy and bring in positivity. Put the dried flowers in a bowl or add to an arrangement, infuse them with wishes and toss to the wind, or burn separately.
  • 2 Palo Santo sticks
  • Dried flowers
  • Agate
  • Each on is handmade and unique
Made In - USA

Additional Info

Palo Santo is a revered wood in South America, rich in history and significance.It's used for purification, health, and calling in blessings. It's name translates to holywood and it's been used by shamans and healers for centuries. Traditionally harvested from dead trees or downed branches, the smoke from Palo Santo has a fragrant scent with citrus gingery notes. Burn Palo Santo in the same way that you would a smudge stick or incense. Light the end, blow out the flame after about 30 seconds, and allow it to smolder. You can walk around your space with the Palo Santo or set it in a fireproof bowl filled with sand and allow it to burn. It's helpful to set an intention by focusing on the blessings the Palo Santo can bring.
Always be vigilant to ensure that no stray sparks fall and to ensure that the Palo Santo is completely extinguished when finished, and, of course, never leave it unattended. You can use Palo Santo sticks several times.

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