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Claus Porto Hand Soap (150 g)

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Claus Porto soaps are celebrated around the world as an exquisite combination of content and form. First of all, the beautiful signature packaging is filled with alluring graphics chosen from the company's archives. Then, there's the soap. This isn't just any soap - it's been hand-crafted the same way for 117 years and is made with pure artisanal tradition. These luxurious, creamy bars have a biodegradable base of coconut oil enriched with 2% shea butter to moisturize, protect, and replenish the skin. They're milled a phenomenal seven times in the traditional European way for a hard, dense soap that has an ultra luxurious and creamy lather. And, finally, the incredible scents the highest-quality fragrances from the south of France are used to create the exotic, lingering aromas that have made these soaps so famous.

100% natural, vegetable based and concentrated shea butter formula softens and protects the skin as it washes.

  • 5 0z
  • Milled 7 times - amazing!
  • 100% biodegradable vegetable oil base
  • Highest quality fragrances from the south of France
  • Enriched with 2% shea butter
  • Creamy lather and lingering fragrances
  • Moisturizes, protects, and replenishes skin
Made In - Porto, Portugal
Size - 5 0z
Claus Porto Hand Soap (150 gram) ( Illyria (Honeysuckle) )
Illyria (Honeysuckle)
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Claus Porto Hand Soap (150 gram) Fragrance Chart

  • Alface (Almond)
  • Almond Fruity, pungent bouquet - The sweet smell of almonds reminds one of the smoothness of honey and malt syrups, making the bath a truly inviting one.
  • Banho (Citron Verbena)
  • Citron Verbena Citrus and woody - The distinctive scent is the perfect way to refresh and unwind. It relieves stress, anxiety, lifts your mood, and helps bring about restful sleep.
  • Illyria (Honeysuckle)
  • Honeysuckle Sweet Floral - Invokes the presence of meadows of flowers with the smooth scent of honeysuckle. It tickles the soul and fills your environment with its unforgettable sweet essence.

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Claus Porto Brand Story

Claus Porto is a hundred-year old Portuguese brand with a remarkable history of authenticity and exclusiveness. These soaps have a vintage, classic design, beautifully packaged in turn of the century Portuguese artwork from the Claus Porto archives. With a focus on detail, these soaps are made with 100% vegetable oil and skin softening shea butter for a rich, creamy bathing experience.