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the legendary orange French notebook with a cult following

RHODIA Notebooks : Since 1934

Rhodia Pads are a favorite with architects, designers, professionals, scientists, and other people who just really like to have fun and functional notebooks. These classic orange pads have a major cult following! Rhodia pads have been made since the 1920s, originally by the Verilhac Paper Mills. The Rhodia pad was considered a professional tool, and so was designed to be easy to use and durable, incorporating details like a fold-around cover, hard coated-board backing, and nice paper.

Founded in 1932 in France, Rhodia is a favorite among writers, artists, and designers alike. Easily recognizable by their orange covers and grid paper, Rhodia has become a symbol of excellence throughout the world. Inside you will enjoy acid-free, ink friendly, Clairefontaine paper with an extra smooth finish. These pads are available in a variety of sizes and ready to fill all your designing or note taking needs. Shop Rhodia