Sennelier Soft Pastel Wood Box (Set of 36)

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With over a century of experience and a reputation to match, Sennelier is a brand name every artist should know. The Sennelier Soft Pastel Wood Box Set of 36 in particular is a must-have for pastel-specific artists, and an economical choice for artists just starting out. Sennelier is world-renowned for exceptionally pigmented colors, which is demonstrated with the 36 soft pastel sticks in this set, made from the purest pigments chosen for their intensity and high lightfast rating. The handmade pastels are carefully foam packed in this natural colored wooden box, which is perfect for traveling and will protect the soft pastels in any indoor or outdoor setting. The Sennelier Soft Pastel Wood Box Set of 36 is ideal for all artists whether as a gift or a small token of inspiration to yourself!
  • 36 Soft Pastels
  • Protective Wood Box
  • Perfect For Traveling
Made In - France
Sennelier Soft Pastel Wood Box (Set of 36)
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Additional Info

Since 1887, Sennelier truly is the benchmark of quality and innovation in the Fine Art World, evidenced by the paintings created with Sennelier oil paints that hang in the world's greatest museums. Renowned for customizing color in France to meet the needs of Degas, Cezanne, and Monet, the company remains equally committed to artists of today. Their expertise is surpassed only by their passion, a dedication that has made the Sennelier name legendary.

Product Review: Sennelier Soft Pastel Wood Box (Set of 36)