Glass Pen Venetian Writing Set

Item # pjh28300


This hand-made Swirled Glass Pen is beautifully packaged with a glass bottle of sepia ink in a decorative box. Made with true Venetian craftsmanship, each pen features a crystal-clear nib contrasted with blue swirled barrel. Not only is it lovely to admire it also happens to be a wonderful writing tool, perfect for fine handwriting and calligraphy.

As functional as it is beautiful, each pen tip has fine grooves that act as capillaries to form an ink reservoir. Just a single dip in the inkwell will provide enough ink to last a third of a page. A labor of love, writing with this hand-blown glass pen produces a remarkably delicate and elegant penmanship that allows you to fall into the relaxing rhythm of crafting readable art, word by word. The final presentation is a written page or note with a distinctive, personal look that will mesmerize and captivate with its old-world symmetry and detail. Make your own personal statement today.

  • 7.5 inches
  • Spiral glass pen
  • 1 bottle of sepia ink
  • 1 sheet of parchment
  • 4 languages booklet
Material - glass
Made In - France
Size - 7.5 inches

Additional Info

The earliest glass objects known are from Ancient Egypt dating from about 1500BC. By the 11th century, Venice, well known for the quality and mastering skills of its craftsmen, became the European center for glass making. By the late 13th century, to protect Venice from fire and more destruction, the Venetian Republic ordered the destruction of all the boundaries within the city and glassmakers were removed to the nearby island of Murano. With the growing demand, Murano gained the reputation in the 15th century as the European center for glassmaking, which lasted well until the 17th century. Murano is world-renowned for the quality of its glass as well as the elaborate designs.


  • Pen Style
    • Pen Type
    • Calligraphy Pen

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