Exacompta Exacase (13.25 x 10.25)

Expandable Filing and Storage
Item # PEX55934


Carry your documents in style with this eco-friendly carrying case made by Exacompta. Inside you'll find 13 compartments with customizable tabs to keep your papers organized and protected. Outside is a professional look with an ergonomic handle that lays flat when not in use and a snap closure on the cover to keep it shut. It's lightweight and easy to carry on the go.
  • 13 x 10.25 inches
  • 13 Compartments
  • Customizable Tabs w/ White Labels
  • Ergonomic Collapsible Handle
  • Special Cut-Out to Identify Documents At a Glance
  • Ecological, Light, & Resistant
Material - Recycled PP material (80.3%)
Made In - USA
Size - 13 x 10.25 inches
Exacompta Exacase Filing Tote (13.25 x 10.25)
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Additional Info

Established in 1928 in Paris, Exacompta originally manufactured ledgers primarily for accounting. Today they have grown to incorporate high quality and stylish notebooks, datebooks, and filing accessories. Each water- and wear-resistant Exacompta Filing accessory is designed with the functional, yet modern office set in mind. Made with 80% recycled polypro material, the Exactive Green Filing Series is light, eco-friendly, and ready for all your office needs.

Product Review: Exacompta Exacase Filing Tote (13.25 x 10.25)