Alwych All Weather Large Soft Cover Ruled Notebook (5 x 8)

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Made in misty Scotland for more than 80 years, the All Weather Alwych Notebook embodies that classic, throw-back feel other notebooks try to replicate. They have remained a firm favorite over the years for their light cream opaque paper, section-sewn and welded into the all-weather covers, their bright blue edges, and the faint green ruling. This extra large notebook holds 240 pages. If these flexible notebooks come across a little utilitarian, chalk it up to 1930s styling and marketing that still emphasizes their use by delivery drivers, police, gardeners, birders, archaeologists, engineers and explorers (durable All Weather Alwych books were a standard feature of British Antarctic expeditions). With nothing left to prove, this proper Scottish Alwych notebook is inclusive, inviting all who ever want or need to write in adverse weather.

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    Made In - Scotland
    Size - 5 x 8.25 inches
    Alwych All Weather Large Soft Cover Ruled Notebook (5 x 8)
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    Additional Info

    Trust the rain-soaked Scots to create an All Weather Notebook. You can also trust them to not mess with a good thing, which is exactly what they have with this Alwych Notebook. This isn't vintage or redesigned to look that way, it's the exact same notebook that has been out and about in the rain for more than 80 years. It's stripped down and utilitarian, sans elastic, bookmark and pockets. Its cult following isn't due to slick marketing or even nostalgia (although there's plenty of that), it's because this product with the colored page edges works and has been used by Antarctic exploration luminaries and village deliverymen alike. It's All-Weather, All-Use, and for All of Us.

    Product Attributes

    • Alwych All Weather Large Soft Cover Ruled Notebook (5 x 8)
    • Paper Details
      • Book Cover Style
      • Soft Cover
      • Book Size
      • Large
      • Binding Style
      • Thread Bound
      • Page Style
      • Ruled
      • Number of Pages
      • 280 pages (140 leaves)
      • Line Spacing
      • College Ruled
      • Page Corners
      • Rounded
    • Paper Properties
      • Paper Color
      • Cream
    • References
      • Made In
      • Scotland

    Product Review: Alwych All Weather Large Soft Cover Ruled Notebook (5 x 8)