YoJimbo Pant

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Probably the most recognized climbing pant in the world - the YoJimbo Pant is designed to be loose fitting but not skateboarder baggy, and the look is distinctly Verve. It hits just below the knee, knicker-style for maximum foot visibility. The Yojmbo is made of the Verve's signature soft but durable organic cotton lycra jersey, with a distinctive contrast color swoosh along the sides.
  • Elastic waist and pocketless design for ease of movement
  • Slight volume in thigh
  • Tapers just below the knee
  • Contrast stripes down side
  • Amazingly soft, comfortable, & stretchy organic cotton/lycra jersey blend
  • Brand new product with tags
Material - 88% Organic Cotton, 12% Lycra Jersey
Made In - Boulder, CO
Verve YoJimbo Pant ( Smoke Blue / Black Panel )
Smoke Blue / Black Panel
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Additional Info

"When I stop making the Yojimbo, I'm going to close the business down. It's such an iconic piece." - Christian Griffith, climber/designer

One of Verve's earliest designs, designer Christian Griffith considers the Yojimbo the pinnacle of performance pant. The knicker or length is one of the perfect athletic lengths and the stripe along the side provides a subtle fullness. Yojimbo has this dynamic, organic silhouette and the stripe actually is what allows that to happen. You'll find it's a bit more fitted in the waist and seat, perfect for smoothly slipping on a harness or chalk bag, and has a slight taper around the calf for better visibility of the feet. Around the leg and thigh, however, there's a ripe fullness to the pant which allows for really great air circulation. The color panel simply makes it more fun!

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Verve - Men's Organic Clothing Brand Story

MEET VERVE: Behind the Scenes Christian Griffith

At Vickerey, we've carried Verve clothing for over a decade. We love the classy and functional fit, the durable fabric, and the way it's still handsewn by local seamstresses. And, we love the eccentric, enigmatic man behind Verve: Christian Griffith, climber and designer extraordinaire. Join us for this two-part series that focuses on the man behind the brand, and the wonderful climbing, yoga, and lifestyle clothes he creates.

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"Outside my close circle of friends there was almost no way of knowing at a glance who shared not only my love of climbing, but also my way of being. This was the feeling that gave rise to the idea for Verve, the clothing company I started in 1988. Since then, I have tried very hard to stick to a few key values that have not only preserved the physical quality of Verve clothing, but hopefully as well, their fundamental role in helping the people that wear them find their own place in the world.", Christian Griffith

The Verve clothing company is not only committed to producing exceptional products, but to supporting grassroots, sustainable business practices. While outsourcing is commonplace in the apparel industry, Verve is keeping it local. They have a group of professional seamstresses who work from home, affectionately called the granny sewing force. Many of these seamstresses left their own countries because of war or its aftermath and made their way to the US years ago. Verve founder Christian Griffith says, "With changes in scale, priorities, and the economy, most of that manufacturing was moved overseas, leaving these highly skilled, dedicated women with little or no means to make a living." Flip over the care label to see the initials of the nice granny who poured her passion into your next pair of Leda pants.