Living a sustainable lifestyle doesn't just include recycling, driving a hybrid and eating organic; even the clothes we wear have an ecological effect. With this in mind, 4-rth sustainable fashion has a simple yet important mission: to integrate the most comfortable and durable eco-friendly fabrics with unique, vibrant design for superior fit and style. Immersed with this goal, 4-rth has become an innovative lifestyle brand that delivers high quality yoga clothing to the people who understand, appreciate and live a sustainable life.

4-rth designs and crafts their eco-friendly clothing using organically grown fabrics like Modal. Modal is derived from the wood chips of organically grown and sustainably farmed birch trees and has an eco-impact 1/20th that of organic cotton. Not only is this material sustainable for the environment, it is outstanding for body temperature regulation, moisture wicking and overall skin friendliness. 4-rth is working hard to design and produce eco-friendly products that inspire people to save our planet and look good doing it.