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Champ Sweatshirt

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The Champ Sweatshirt from Alternative Apparel is a classic. Lightweight and incredibly soft, it looks and feels more like a sweater. Wear alone as a casual lounge piece or layer it for a more sophisticated look.
  • Eco-fleece
  • Lightweight
  • Ultra soft fabric
  • Brand new product with tags
Material - 50% Polyester, 46% Cotton, 4% Rayon
Made In - Dominican Republic
Alternative Apparel Champ Sweatshirt ( Eco Black )
Camo Print
Eco Black
Eco Black(XL)

Product Attributes

  • Champ Sweatshirt
    • Key Attributes
    • Eco-fleece
    • Lightweight
    • Ultra soft fabric
  • Apparel
    • Type
    • Men's Top
    • Fabric Print
    • Solid
    • Sleeves
    • Long Sleeve
    • Straps/Neckline
    • Crewneck
    • Eco Credentials
    • Organic Fabric

Product Review: Alternative Apparel Champ Sweatshirt

Alternative Apparel Brand Story

Accepting responsibility is the first step towards real change. This is why Alternative Apparel, an eco-friendly clothing brand, believes that above all else, social responsibility towards the environment and in business practices is what makes a real difference in our world today. Their respect for people and the planet has brought Alternative Apparel all the way to Peru to sustainably source the softest, most luxurious fibers in the world for over a decade. Harvested and derived from natural and organic sources, these unique fibers make up over 65 percent of the brand's collection.

Alternative Apparel develops full organic and blended fabric for softness and durability -incorporating organic and recycled materials wherever possible. As a certified Green Business, they were designated by the City of Los Angeles for having responsible practices in recycling, sustainability, green cleaning products, and more. A company that takes pride in their "signature softness", they continue to develop modern basics for a sustainable future.