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Vickerey is a small, young company of people who are into quality, understated style, and good living. We enjoy finding products for you that add character to your life and nourish the soul. Not in a serious, profound way, but with the little things that really do make a difference. Like a pair of yoga pants that are so comfortable and great looking that you can't stop wearing them. And how the perfect lather and subtle aroma of the soap in your morning shower makes your day a little better. You get the idea.

We carefully select each item and sell only what we love and, therefore, what we think you'll love. We offer an edited selection of choice products from great companies. Most of all, though, we hope that everything you receive from us will bring you a little smile, a little calm, a little indulgence, and a little luxury.

We're dedicated to maintaining an interesting, stylish, and quality collection. And of course, ensuring that you have a marvelous experience with Vickerey, exceeding your expectations with attentive and thoughtful service.

An additional bonus at Vickerey...
Everything is animal-friendly!

Meaning that all of our products are free of ingredients and materials derived from harming animals, such as leather, fur, and other animal by-products. And of course, nothing is ever tested on animals. (Could you imagine a dog being forced to wear the Organic Lacie Top?) Style and animal-friendly are no longer mutually exclusive!


Vickerey (vik'er-ee)

Now, you may ask, what the heck is a vickerey? Well, nothing more than an old family name of one of the founders. We liked it because it's a nice-sounding word and evoked the feel of a classic specialty boutique with wonderful offerings and distinctive service. Which happens to be exactly what our mission is!


We go the extra mile to make sure that your visit is easy and fun.  Here are our tenets:
Ease of Shopping: We make it easy for you to see what we've got and simple for you to explore the site.
Ease of Ordering: We make it simple, safe, and convenient.
Ease of Order Tracking: We help you track your order from our doorstep to yours.
Delivery Experience: We take the time to attractively present your package as our present to you.
Satisfaction Guarantee: Our 30-day guarantee ensures you're happy with your order.
Customer Service: We'll do everything in our power to make your experience wonderful.

We love hearing from you and pay careful attention to your feedback. If there is anything we can do to assist or improve your experience or if you just want to tell us that we're giving you exactly what you want, please let us know.  We gladly accept and appreciate all comments, so don't hesitate to contact us.