Woodstock Chimes

Encore Chimes of Earth

Item # gwc210


Hand tuned to a universal,5-note pentatonic scale, this large Woodstock Encore Chimes of Earth is the perfect accompaniment for your home or garden. The precision-tuned bronze colored tubes harmonize beautifully with each other and wisps of wind; the gorgeous, soothing sounds linger. This perennial favorite is visually striking and so very pleasant to the ears; it makes a wonderful gift.
  • 37 inches overall length
  • Cherry wood finish
  • 6 verdigris aluminum tubes
Made In - China
Woodstock Wind Chimes Encore Chimes of Earth ( Verdigris )

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Woodstock Chimes Brand Story

Imagine yourself in the Hamptons, sitting on your porch, drinking a cup of tea as the sun's rays cascade over rolling waves. A soft breeze rustles the sound of sweet WoodStock Chimes. Peaceful, relaxing, and inspiring, these carefully crafted chimes, bells and gongs bring pleasure to people of all ages. With a wide variety of styles, songs and sizes, there is a perfect product for everyone's taste.

Husband and wife Garry and Diane Kvistad co-founded the company in 1979 with the hopes of producing affordable, high-quality musical gems that are appealing to everyone. Being a professional musician, Garry Kvistad is committed to fine tuning and great sound, which is why every single WoodStock chime is perfectly constructed to have the best pitch. This family-owned business is located in beautiful Hudson Valley, New York--a place as beautiful in scenery as the chimes are in tone! Wherever you are, a WoodStock chime awaits to give you a unique and appealing tune.