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Small Peace Chime

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This gorgeous bronze-tubed Small Peace Chime from Woodstock Chimes serves as an ever-present, ever-encouraging reminder to seek peace. The tubes are precision tuned to the musical notes from the popular hymn "Let There Be Peace on Earth" and the line "and let it begin with me." You'll appreciate the teak-finished ash wood and the flamed stainless steel peace-sign windcatcher (originally designed in 1958 as the symbol for Britain's Coalition for Nuclear Disarmament and now one of the most widely known symbols around the globe).
  • 16 inches overall length
  • Teak finish ash wood
  • 6 bronze aluminum tubes
  • Flamed stainless steal peace-sign windcatcher
Made In - China
Woodstock Wind Chimes Small Peace Chime ( Bronze )

Product Review: Woodstock Wind Chimes Small Peace Chime

Woodstock Chimes Brand Story

Imagine yourself in the Hamptons, sitting on your porch, drinking a cup of tea as the sun's rays cascade over rolling waves. A soft breeze rustles the sound of sweet WoodStock Chimes. Peaceful, relaxing, and inspiring, these carefully crafted chimes, bells and gongs bring pleasure to people of all ages. With a wide variety of styles, songs and sizes, there is a perfect product for everyone's taste.

Husband and wife Garry and Diane Kvistad co-founded the company in 1979 with the hopes of producing affordable, high-quality musical gems that are appealing to everyone. Being a professional musician, Garry Kvistad is committed to fine tuning and great sound, which is why every single WoodStock chime is perfectly constructed to have the best pitch. This family-owned business is located in beautiful Hudson Valley, New York--a place as beautiful in scenery as the chimes are in tone! Wherever you are, a WoodStock chime awaits to give you a unique and appealing tune.