Started in 2009, Emerson Fry has established itself as a revolutionary womens-wear designer based out of New Hampshire. All of the goods are primarily made in the USA; however, the company still takes advantage of skills specific to certain areas around the world. Emerson Bethany Fry, the chief designer of the company, has abandoned the epicenter of mainstream fashion culture to allow room for inspiration and evolution in her designs. Emerson started out small by selling simple flower brooches on the streets of New York City, but has worked hard to create a brand and pursue her dream of selling high-quality original apparel, accessories, and home goods. Emerson Fry effortlessly integrates an indie and contemporary feel to classic and simple pieces.

Emerson believes that one should have a connection with their belongings and that they should be a part of one's unique life story. Emerson Fry enjoys simplicity and functionality in the products while still having a fashionable nature. The company wishes to celebrate the joy of living, the uniqueness of the individual, and the little things in life.