Kneipp Herbal Bath Oils and Salts

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About Kneipp Herbal Bath Oils and Salts

Kneipp's five pillars--water, plants, exercise, nutrition, and balance--cater a holistic approach to promoting and sustaining healthy living. Kneipp, named after founder Sebastian Kneipp prides itself on providing naturopathic medicine and healing remedies. Their products are useful, safe, and effective as a result of the Kneipp Group's focus on natural health since 1981. Complex analysis processes and natural and scientifically founded techniques are used along with raw plant materials to create alternative treatments to aches, pains, stress, anxiety, and weak immune systems. These treatments include aromatherapy, mineral bath salts, body wash, lotions, creams, and detox elixirs. 'Nature has provided us generously with everything we need to remain in good health.'

You can rest assured that preservatives, animal-derived ingredients, or paraffin are kept out of Kneipp's products. Kneipp has become hugely successful in providing alternative solutions to common ailments we face on a daily basis with all natural ingredients that will surely make your body look and feel healthier.