New York based designer Alexandra Ferguson gives the right message in her pillow collection. Made from recycled water bottles, each pillow represents about four bottles that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill. The perfect way to brighten any room!

Alexandra Ferguson recycled felt applique pillows are standard bearers of an increasingly rare, one of a kind uniqueness and quality, made in the USA from beginning to end. With a background in fashion, Alexandra started to make and give away felt appliqued pillows with material made from recycled plastic bottles. Since she started, Alexandra has been able to expand her commitment to using eco-friendly materials by not only continuing to use 100% recycled felt, but also including a recycled polyfill insert (also from plastic bottles), as well as a hemp/organic cotton canvas material option. Recognizing that this is a good start, but that the planet needs more help than this, Alexandra is actively involved with The Nature Conservancy, donating both physical and financial resources to the foundation.