Lotus Love Beauty

Lotus Love Beauty is so much more than pretty packaging, their blissful botanical ingredients and transcendental fragrances are steeped in ayurvedic, yogic, and aromatherapeutic philosophies. These 100% vegan products are a feel good purchase - a portion of sales goes towards initiating positive change in the world. These inspirational San Diego folks are dedicated to helping others in need and share an infectious enthusiasm for life, love, and peace!
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Lotus Love Beauty by The Shanti Project uses pure and exotic oils, herbs, botanicals, and spices in their collection of all natural beauty products. Their products are handmade in small batches, and are always 100% vegan and never tested on animals. They use the finest ingredients from around the world to provide you with their inspired signature blends. Designed to accentuate ones inner beauty through yogic philosophies, ayurvedic, and aromatherapy, Lotus Love Beauty allows you to experience the most exotic herbs from around the world.

The Shanti Project is a grassroots co-operative with an initiative to change the world. All products are 100% vegan, and free from animal testing. A portion of every product sold supports their mission, so that you too, can support the global community and become a part of the collective consciousness of the world.