Saxx Underwear

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About Saxx Underwear

Underwear is the basic of all basics--so shouldn't it be designed with the body in mind? Developed by an avid athlete and outdoorsman, Trent Kitsch's mission was to 'revolutionize the core staple of every wardrobe' with Saxx Underwear. He has accomplished this by designing and constructing men's underwear with the 'real man's body in mind.'

Made from Viscose based yarn, these briefs have been dubbed "life changing" by men throughout North America. Ultra soft, lightweight materials and Saxx's patented internal mesh panels create a luxurious stretch that is both supportive and comfortable. Driven by the spirit of innovation and rooted with a sense of adventure, Saxx's moisture-wicking and breathable designs are incredibly versatile. Once you go Saxx you never go back!