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These aura sprays from Aunt Vi's had us at "conscious magic". Working with the chakras and aromatherapy, they help harmonize your aura and personal environment. How does this happen? Well, if you're into quantum physics or new age lore, it'll make instant sense. But if not, consider these like putting an exclamation point on your desires and sealing them with a kiss. If you want to improve an area of your life, it's easy to give it a passing thought and not really focus on it. But, if you formally set an intention and then use a spray, it makes it more tangible and important in your subconscious. So whether you believe in the mystical (we do!) or simply realize that reinforcing your desires (like writing down your goals or visualizing) helps make them happen, you can enjoy these sprays. They're also wonderful for creating good vibes before a meeting, appointment, get-together, or celebration.

How do you choose? You have options! Select a color (or colors) that resonate with you, or base it on the chakras, or focus on your intent or what needs assistance in your life and see what speaks to you, or go by the descriptions of the sprays. There's no right or wrong - they're all beneficial. Simply spray in an arc around you (not directly in your eyes or face) or around a room - they're safe for people and animals. These are masterfully and lovingly formulated by Amanda Enclade, who's beloved Aunt Vi inspired the name. They include energized water, essential oils and - so cool - crystal and gem infusions! Amanda's advice: Use frequently and generous... Breathe it in deep... Have FUN! Let the magic and transformation begin!!

  • Balance your aura
  • Harmonize your surroundings
  • Reinforce your positive intentions
  • Spray in an arc around you
  • Crystal and gem infusions!
  • Conscious magic!
Material - Energized water, pure essential plant and flower oils and extracts, crystal and gem infusions, certified organic neutral grain alcohol and natural colors approved by the FDA. That is it.
Made In - USA

Additional Info

Aunt Vi's Balancing Aura Sprays Color Chart

  • Blue
  • Peace & Communication - Find the peace that comes with truth and clarity by listening to your inner voice and intuition. The pure blue of peace calms the throat, releases stress and strengthens communication by supporting the balance between hearing and sharing.


    Communication is the key to working with others peacefully. Difficulties in communication are often a result of past challenges with authority figures and institutions. Messages such as children should be seen and not heard, create obstacles to integrating a healthy masculine nature. Blue teaches us that it is OK to speak up and assert our own personal authority while at the same time creating a calm throat center from which to speak. This essence contains the cooling nature of Aquamarine and Azurite and the calming, stress-relieving pure essential oils of Lavender and Clary Sage. This is a perfect spray for businesspeople.

  • Green
  • Prosperity & Abundance - Uncover your heart's desire to find the path that leads to abundant fertility and growth. Green helps you to freely give, receive and trust, allowing the universe to support you.


    When we follow the path of heart, the path that supports our true nature, we begin to trust ourselves to make the necessary decisions that help us become balanced, prosperous and harmonious beings. Use this essence to remind you to listen to your feelings and to keep you directed and committed to fulfilling your heart's desire, whether it relates to another or to your own purpose. This essence is infused with Emerald and Malachite and contains the pure essential oils of Rosemary, Lime and Geranium.

  • Orange
  • Enlightenment - By actively letting go, we move towards understanding. Orange brings laughter, independence, sensuality and pleasure.


    Orange relates to the second chakra where we assimilate what we need from life and let go of what we don't. Use this Carnelian and Amber infused essence, scented with pure essential oils of Sweet Orange and Patchouli, when absorbing something new or moving through a new stage of development. With the energy of orange, day to day experiences, creatively turned into wisdom, are then translated into active enlightenment.

  • Pink
  • Unconditional Love - Honor, nurture and accept yourself unconditionally and love will surround you. Pink softens energy, opening the heart to kindness and compassion.


    Surround yourself with the blessings of pure Rose Absolute and the essence of Rose Quartz. Pink helps us to address issues relating both to our body image and how we care for the self. Pink encourages us to love ourselves just as we are. Love, the most powerful energy of all, helps us heal emotional wounds through unconditional acceptance and understanding. This essence encourages harmony and kindness in relationship and during group and family activities.

  • Purple
  • Healing & Transformation - An open mind heals by transforming negatives to positives, allowing room for new ideas and perspectives. Purple calms the mind for meditation and sets intention of ritual and magic.


    Purple represents the 7th chakra and is the gateway to our spiritual selves. It is where we intellectually and intuitively understand and heal loneliness, grief and negative thought patterns. Awareness of the power of our thoughts and words allows our higher guidance to assume the responsibility for our personal transformations. This pure Sandalwood and Lavender scented essence has the infusions of Sugilite and Amethyst to help turn negatives into positives! Excellent before meditation and/or bedtime to calm mental over-activity.

  • Red
  • Engery & Grounding - Activate your will with a strong connection to the Earth. Red supports issues around manifestation, work and survival.


    The red aura spray, infused with the energy of Rubies and Garnets, contains the pure essential oils of Ylang Ylang and Cinnamon. It restores vital earth energy by awakening the root chakra and activating all of the body's energy centers. Red strengthens our foundation, providing stability, like the roots of a tree. When our energies are floundering, or we feel depleted, drained and unmotivated, this essence grounds spirit and helps us to achieve goals in the material world.

  • White
  • Purifying & Cleansing - Detoxify personal space and discharge stagnant energy with an infusion of white light. Cleanse your aura every day, at home and when traveling. Wonderful for use by practitioners before and after healing sessions.


    This clear essence contains Juniper oil, a folk remedy to dispel and purify negative spirits. It is infused with Clear Quartz and Diamond essences and also has the antibacterial and refreshing oils of Tea tree and Peppermint. Use this essence to regularly cleanse, protect and renew your home and surroundings.

  • Yellow
  • Happiness - Self-empowerment will bring focus and confidence. Just as living things absorb sunshine, yellow warms your core and helps you assimilate new information readily and joyously.


    The solar plexus chakra is the source of our personal power and the center of our electrical system. This is the point where most people get blocked, caught up in either their higher (spiritual) or lower (physical) chakras. When we first breakthrough this block, we may feel fear, depression and anxiety. This yellow essence is infused with the energy of Gold and Citrine and contains the pure essential oils of Bergamot, Grapefruit and Petigrain. It encourages joyous experience and self-confidence.

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By Kat
Santa Barbara, CA
February 17, 2016
I bought 3 of these. 2 for myself and one for a gift and everyone loves them. They smell so great and the idea of an aura spray is so magical. Marvelous item.
ProsBottles, fragrances, explanations

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