Rhodia Pencil Cup Holder (pencils not included)

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Add a dash of style to your office or home with the rounded Rhodia Pencil Cup Holder. Available in traditional orange or modern black leatherette embossed with the Rhodia logo, the new pencil holder is a sophisticated addition to the timeless Rhodia brand.
  • (w)3 x (d)2.75 x (h)5.25 inches
  • Available in Orange and Black Leatherette
  • Embossed Rhodia Logo
  • Coordinated Seams
  • Pencils Not Included
Made In - France
Size - (w)3 x (d)2.75 x (h)5.25 inches
Rhodia Pencil Cup Holder (pencils not included)
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Additional Info

The Rhodia Boutique Collection is comprised of several Rhodia products designed to round out your office space and personal Rhodia collection. Included are classic orange Rhodia pencils, the Rhodia Mouse Pad / Paper Pad, the Essential Rhodia Box, plus Rhodia's Webnotebooks, Webplanners, dotPads, and now the Premium Notebooks. Rhodia's signature orange dates back to the 1930s - it was a standard hue for cardstock at the time and remains unchanged to this day. Over time, Rhodia has become the most popular pad in France.

Product Review: Rhodia Pencil Cup Holder (pencils not included)

Rhodia Brand Story

One of the most well-known and respected names in paper when it comes to design and utility, Rhodia has been creating some of the world's finest notebooks since 1932. Complete with an iconic bright orange cover and smooth Clairefontaine paper cut from sustainable forests in France, these pads are a favorite of artists and designers alike.

Waterproof covers and paper as smooth as satin are just a couple of the beautiful design features that Rhodia has included to make their notebooks more of an experience than just a product. The Rhodia pad is considered a professional tool because of its ease of use and durability. Founded by brothers Henri and Robert Verilhac, Rhodia was built on simple but strong values of utility and quality to create the perfect notepad to compliment your everyday life. Their blend of signature form and function promises satisfaction with every page. Never use a dull notepad ever again.