2016 Prenote Planner Refill #24 (Ref. #2401) (8.25 x 11.625)

Item # pqu61101


Our largest desk sized planner, the Quo Vadis 2016 Club Prenote Planner Refill (#24) luxuriates in space. Space to schedule, space to scribble down shopping lists, space to track receipts and plan the holidays: this datebook has it all in spades. The familiar Quo Vadis layout stretches each week across two pages in a vertical format (Monday through Thursday on the left, Friday through Sunday on the right). The daily schedule runs from 8 am to 9 pm with half-hourly scheduling slots; you'll also find ample room for daily priorities and notes. The right hand page also features weekly priorities and miniature monthly calendars. This 13 month calendar also includes a detachable address book, receipts and payments pages, and annual planning calendars. The fountain pen friendly paper is super smooth 90 g Clairefontaine: acid-free, eco-friendly and extra white. Believe us, this Prenote Planner, tucked inside your favorite Exacompta or Quo Vadis cover, looks good on the corner desk!
    Made In - USA
    Size - 8.25 x 11.625 inches
    Quo Vadis 2016 Prenote Planner Refill #24 (Ref. #2401) (8.25 x 11.625)
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    Product Attributes

    • 2016 Prenote Planner Refill #24 (Ref. #2401) (8.25 x 11.625)
    • Book Details
      • Book Cover Style
      • Soft Cover
      • Book Size
      • XLarge
    • Planner / Datebook
      • Planner Type
      • Weekly
      • Planner Format
      • Weekly Vertical
      • Planner Series
      • Quo Vadis Prenote
      • Date Range
      • 13-Month; December 2015 to December 2016

    Product Review: Quo Vadis 2016 Prenote Planner Refill #24 (Ref. #2401) (8.25 x 11.625)