2016 Club Prenote #24 Planner (8.25 x 11.625)

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Our largest desk sized planner, the Quo Vadis 2016 Club Prenote Planner luxuriates in space. Space to schedule, space to scribble down shopping lists, space to track receipts and plan the holidays: this datebook has it all in spades. The familiar Quo Vadis layout stretches each week across two pages in a vertical format (Monday through Thursday on the left, Friday through Sunday on the right). The daily schedule runs from 8 am to 9 pm with half-hourly scheduling slots; you'll also find ample room for daily priorities and notes. The right hand page also features weekly priorities and miniature monthly calendars. This 13 month calendar also includes a detachable address book, receipts and payments pages, and annual planning calendars. The fountain pen friendly paper is super smooth 90 g Clairefontaine: acid-free, eco-friendly and extra white. Believe us, this Prenote Planner with its grained leatherette Club cover looks good on the corner desk!
    Made In - USA
    Size - 8.25 x 11.625 inches
    Quo Vadis 2016 Club Prenote #24 Planner (8.25 x 11.625) ( Black )
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    Product Attributes

    • 2016 Club Prenote #24 Planner (8.25 x 11.625)
    • Book Details
      • Book Cover Style
      • Soft Cover
      • Book Size
      • XLarge
    • Planner / Datebook
      • Planner Type
      • Weekly
      • Planner Format
      • Weekly Vertical
      • Planner Series
      • Quo Vadis Prenote
      • Date Range
      • 13-Month; December 2015 to December 2016

    Product Review: Quo Vadis 2016 Club Prenote #24 Planner (8.25 x 11.625)