Paperblanks Desk Jade Wrap Journal (7 x 9)

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Take all the space you need in the largest size of Paperblanks' Jade Wrap Journals. Inspired by Renaissance-period manuscripts, indulge yourself with the rich jade-green hue of the Paperblanks Desk Jade Wrap Journal (7 x 9). Rest assured your writings will be protected within this hard cover journal with a magnetic wrap closure. The lined paper is just waiting to be filled, be it by fountain pen, ballpoint, or other writing implement of your choice. It takes pen and ink beautifully, will open flat every time, and won't fall apart with repeated use. Not to mention the perfect additional features of the cloth ribbon placeholder and rear pocket for notes and miscellaneous papers.
  • 7 x 9 inches
  • 144 pages (72 sheets)
  • Smythe Sewn Binding
  • Back Pocket & Cloth Ribbon Marker
Material - made with sustainable forest pulp
Made In - Canada
Size - 7 x 9 inches

Additional Info

Paperblanks' finely-made hard cover journals make the perfect accessory with their elegant covers. Don't be afraid to dish out rough treatment as they are very abuse-resistant and have an incredibly durable binding. The construction of each Paperblanks journal is built to ensure the pages open flat for ease of writing. Their magnetic wrap closure keeps your valuable notes tucked inside and the ribbon marker helps you find where you left off. Ideal for artists and writers alike, Paperblanks journals are a must-have item.

Paperblanks Brand Story

The artwork and knowledge of eras past is what we draw our inspiration from for our creativity now. Paperblanks imagines this in more of a literal sense with their notebooks inspired by the rich artistic history of human culture. By using meticulous craftsmanship, Paperblanks brings these elements of iconic artists and thinkers into the present through the art of journaling. Using artwork inspired by the Gutenberg Bible, ancient Japenese art and even Vintage Vouge, Paperblanks creates beautiful artwork on the outside of their products to inspire your beautiful artwork on the inside.

Above all, Paperblanks believes that art matters. They know that their blank books have a critical part to play in the creation of art so they make them perfectly. Innovative design, careful handiwork and conscientious manufacturing practices all go into the creation of every product. Sustainability is also a value that Paperblanks prioritizes by using sustainable forest paper and 100% recycled binding. These notebooks were built tough to hold every shred of your imagination and art, while always inspiring you with a unique writing experience.

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