Moleskine Writing Accessories Set

3 Slip-on grips + Pen holder
Item # pmowc9683


This specialty set from Moleskine is ideal for the prolific writer. It includes three slip-on rubber grips that make your pens and pencils even more comfortable to write with, and a pen holder that lets you clip up to three of them together on the cover of your Moleskine notebook.
    Made In - Imported from Italy
    Moleskine Writing Accessories Set
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    Be inspired to write, journal, and doodle with Moleskine's Writing Collection. With the focus on daily inspiration, writing, and travelling, each piece is the perfect complement to Moleskine's legendary notebooks. Designed by Giulio Iacchetti to incorporate signature Moleskine function and aesthetics, the Writing Collection is part of the greater New Collections by Moleskine. The myriad, distinctive accessories enhance the activities of the modern-day nomad in each of us.

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