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About Lafco

For over 20 years Lafco, Luxury Articles and Fragrance Company, New York has been dedicated to providing its customers with luxurious body care items and beautifully scented candles. Featured on Oprah's Favorite Things, Lafco fuses tradition with innovation, enchanting connoisseurs of home and body fragrances all over the world and honoring the history of the European apothecary. Using the best and most organic formulas for their soap, they limit their carbon footprint by avoiding the use of ozone-depleting chemicals that are often used in soaps to make them bubblier. Their authentically luxurious and exceptionally made products help melt away stress and add a level of comfort to any room (or body for that matter).

Founder Jon Bresler quit his job as a lawyer to explore his passion for body care by traveling around Europe to learn about unique specialty items and how they're made. His travels garnered much success after he mastered the arts of alchemy and perfumery. He has made it his life's work to uphold traditions of the European apothecary, adding modern advances along the way. Their popular Santa Maria Novella line features a more alluring expansive collection of hair, oral hygiene, sun care, and facial products.