Growing Wishes Garden Kit

Item # gps110


Plant a colorful garden of wishes. Each Growing Wishes Garden Kit contains a collection of six different seed varieties, each representing a special wish - see the details below! Plant outdoors in a garden or in containers. Before long you will have an exquisite garden with all your wishes in bloom. Each kit also includes a recycled steel case, growing directions, garden stakes and pencil.
  • 5.5 wide x 3.5 deep
  • A gift that continues to give
  • Herb Wish Garden is USDA Organic
  • Flower Wish Garden seed are heirloom varieties
  • Heirloom varieties keep the environment diverse & sustainable
  • Each kit has 6 seed varieties
  • Easy to grow, instructions included
Made In - USA
Size - 5.5 wide x 3.5 deep

Additional Info

Each Growing Wishes Kit includes a recycled steel case, growing directions, garden stakes, six different seed varieties and a pencil.
Joy - Heirloom Flower Collection
friendship sweet pea
strength pinks
love forget-me-not
clarity daisy
happiness lavender
joy baby's breath
Cheer - Organic Herb Collection
cheer dill
peace oregano
gratitude sage
health thyme
harmony basil
laughter garlic chives

Potting Shed Creations was founded in 1998 with a commitment to celebrating the art of gardening and the art of design. We love that they have earned their USDA Organic Certificate and that they use their special touch to hand-make all of their gardening packages. Our favorite fact about them is that they run their business out of a recycled school, in Troy, Idaho, where their employees and a few of their dogs roam the former scholastic halls.

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