Urban Spa Essentials Bamboo & Jute Back Scrubber


Item # sus110


Can't quite reach that difficult spot in the middle of your back? Urban Spa Essentials has developed the perfect pampering tool while helping the planet one bath at a time. Rope handles let you reach your whole back with ease. Made from a luxurious, cushy gentle bamboo washcloth fabric, one side features a 13" panel of jute for exfoliation. Ah! The feeling is wonderful. Remember, regular exfoliation is the key to healthy, youthful skin. Daily build-up of dead skin cells, dirt and oil can clog pores and leave your skin dull and lifeless. No more excuses - treat yourself!
  • 31" long (not including handles) x 3.75" wide, 13" jute panel on one side
  • Exfoliation provides healthy, youthful skin
  • Made from soft bamboo washcloth fabric, with a 13" jute panel on one side
  • Pair with your favorite body wash or soap
  • Bamboo fiber is soft, luxurious, strong, and 100% biodegradable
  • Get to those hard to reach spots with ease
  • Handles at each end make it easy to use
Material - bamboo and jute
Made In - China
Size - 31" long (not including handles) x 3.75" wide, 13" jute panel on one side

Additional Info

Bamboo has been araound for over 4000 years it is a plant and is the fastest growing planet on earth. Bamboo production leaves virtually no damage to the soil in which it is farmed and it is one of the most sustainable renewable resources available. With selective harvesting it can egenerate without replanintg.

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