Mudlark Papers

Mudlark's Luggage Tag from their classy Artifact Collection is made with Italian material that has the look and feel of leather, and is durable to go across the world with you and back again. The perfect companion for jet-setting, business, or stylish family trips. This high-quality luggage tag is tastefully designed to stand out amongst the sea of black and boring luggage tags so you find your bag quick and easy. With stitched edges, a metal buckle, and embossed design, this luggage tag has up-scale written all over it.
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A bird's nest is the ultimate recycled home. That's why the nest is the logo for Mudlark Papers; a sustainable lifestyle company with the breakthrough idea that recycled can be sophisticated. Family owned and operated, Mudlark strives to bring their ideals for a sustainable life to you. They never claim to be a green brand. They simply believe that creating products with a high post-consumer waste content, soy-based inks and minimal packaging is the right thing to do. Recycling and responsibility are just a part of the Mudlark ethic.

As well as caring for the environment with their products, Mudlark uses their products to support their community and the people they are passionate about. Each of their incredible designs is dedicated to a specific person who has touched the life of one of the Mudlark corporate family. Mudlark also donates a portion of the proceeds to that person's charity of choice which adds a whole new level of sustainability to their quality products. With Mudlark, you can feel good knowing that the products you purchase today will help someone tomorrow.