Barefoot Yoga Mats & Rugs

This beautiful zafu cushion is made from a regal, soft fabric that's filled with cushiony buckwheat hulls. Zafus have been used for everyday sitting in Asia for centuries and are a natural accompaniment to meditation and yoga, as well as a simple home furnishing. The zafu is perfect for sitting meditation and pranayama practice - sitting in elevated easy pose (cross-legged) creates a pelvic tilt, bringing length and alignment to the spine. The hips and legs are able to relax, which allows lift and openness to the chest and lungs. It's also great for stretching the back, and converts almost any chair into a comfortable, posture-aligning seat.
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Imagine walking barefoot through the winding streets of India, shoulder to shoulder with the masses, the heavy scent of sweet spices mingling with the aroma of sun-baked earth. Imagine practicing yoga here, on the bare ground, and you begin to realize the true essence of the yoga mat: a tool or prop to bring one closer to God, the world and one's self. Barefoot Yoga, conceived by a yoga student during her travels through India, is indeed an ideal source for the tools you will need to achieve peace and stillness through the practice of yoga during your own life journeys.